Saturday, November 29, 2008

iPhone goodness

So I finally got an iPhone for myself a week ago and it continues to amaze me. The amount of useful apps in the App Store is astounding. The features I'm using most often so far are the push email, sms, the camera for taking snapshots of books I'd like to find time to read, youtube, podcasts, and of course visual voicemail is just awesome. Some of the free apps I've downloaded and actually using include:
  • Forex OTG for checking foreign exchange rates and charts (room for improvement there)
  • Shazam for finding the name of the song playing on the radio
  • Urbanspoon for restaurant picking
  • AroundMe for finding a starbucks near me
  • i.TV for TV schedules
  • Twitteriffic for twitter
  • Google Earth
  • Google app for voice activated google search and google reader
  • 1password for password syncing with my mac
  • iTalk for recording notes
  • To Do's for todo tracking. Though this is proving to be too basic. I might try Things or go all out for OmniFocus
  • Fring for Skype and AIM
  • MyMote for controlling my MythTV box
  • FlyCast for online radio
  • TouchTerm for ssh
  • Apple Remote
  • Evernote
  • Tap Tap
  • BigOven for recipe search

There's only a few apps I've actually bought and one of them is Ocarina. Just amazing.

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