Monday, March 21, 2005

I should probably explain my long absense (abstinence?) from blogging. Wow it's been almost a year. What have I done since July of last year?
Well, I did run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on September 26. Yep, the whole 26.2 miles/42.195 km. It was amazing! I never ran such a distance before. Heck, a year before I started training, I could barely run 5k without stopping. I would like to say thanks to Hot Yoga (Bikram, Moksha styles), The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer, Pete Bevin, Runner's World, Running Room, POLAR, and various internet resources. Photos from the marathon can be found here.
In September, I also made three (!) changes: I left my nice coding job at Stabilia and I moved to another apartment with my girlfriend and her daughter. Darn, I should have snapped some photos of the moving day. Lots of oversized furniture, big screen TV, U-Haul truck. It was fun. Stressful at times, but fun. And the third change was going back to university. YorkU for Biotechnology.
Hopefully, you understand why this blog was neglected.

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